Cowardice Creates More Successful Idiots

by Edward Perry

Intelligence without action is cowardice.

Action without intelligence is stupidity.

I think there are as many intelligent people as there are stupid ones.

Unfortunately, cowardice creates more successful idiots.

*  *  *

I took this photo of a determined young Togolese girl during a campaign against forced marriage and  female circumcision in Togo.
Along with Togolese counterparts we rode our bikes far off the main road and did an awareness tour through remote villages.
We intended to give young women the chance of at least knowing that their lives and bodies need not be in the hands of others.
We didn’t just leave after our tour; we continued to live there and worked with local leaders to advocate for women’s rights and empowerment.

It seemed easier back then to do bold things and aspire to help those who wanted our support.
However, now I can’t get myself to do anything productive. I watch days pass without posting a blog entry or a photo to flickr.
I see myself squandering my potential by not entering in photo contests or applying for assignments.
I sit in  front of my computer complaining about how it’s not often the ones that are good who make it but the ones that persist.
I intend to do good and persist, else it’s my own damn fault that disappointing work continues.