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Waiting Too Long

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Sometimes we wait too long to be surprised by people who, we know, will just disappoint us.


Model: Natalia Gnatyuk Model Mayhem #2675167


Taking fine art photos with iPhone

I made this to prove a point:
This was shot with my phone and edited on my laptop at a cafe. I was talking to a person I just met and showing her that you don’t need a fancy camera to make cool images. You just need to follow through with your ideas, no matter what tools you have.
Then she said, “But, I’ll still need photoshop…”
Point denied!! hahahaha
I’m going to find people an accessible processing software so I don’t run into this problem again.

The Myth of the Frame

A frame seems to protect the content from its audience. Preserving it for a future audience that will always never come.

What if I could take down any art piece appreciate it with touch, rotation, smell, basically interact with it like a person. Sure, it makes the piece vulnerable to damage and takes away from its “sellability” but what’s the big deal?

Why is it that if others touched a piece that it degrades the specialness it has. How much in our lives is any different? Do we not assume that our loved ones have been with others in the past yet we love them all the same. Let go and appreciate things when you have them and don’t assume they won’t have a life of their own after you.

Also, how much in my life has been self-framed to keep me from being vulnerable and unopened to what I could experience?

Death by Art

.   .   .

I empty myself through creation.

I generate more of myself to survive my loss.

I create more or else I completely disappear.

.   .   .

Disintegration From Terror

“We have no reason to mistrust the world, for it is not against us. Has it terrors, they are our terrors; has it abysses, those abysses belong to us; are dangers at hand, we must try to love them.” -Rilke 1904

My reason to mistrust the world is personal. Things that terrorize me do so because I can not unsee them becoming me. I see things that frighten me, I turn away. “If I do not comprehend then I can avoid it happening to me.”
I must face it. I will see it doesn’t become my fate by its presence. I distort my perception of the fear through lack of differentiation between myself and it. The boundaries between us blur. I do no want it to replace me. My sense of self is weak and I fear it holds power stronger than my will to exist. The terror is my terror. The danger is my support of its misperception.

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